$180 Annually (Most popular)

You'll be billed $180 once every year

Monthly membership

$240 annually (Billed Monthly)

You'll be billed $20/mo for 12 months

Terms & Conditions

Is there a minimum Commitment?

Yes. Memberships have a 12 month minimum commitment. Annual Memberships are billed once a year (12 months) and Monthly Memberships are billed every month a year (12 months). This is the INITIAL TERM.

Can I change my membership?

Yes. You can change your membership from monthly to annual billing OR annual to monthly billing. By changing your membership you are renewing the INITIAL TERM (12 months).

Recommendation: If you are not sure you'll be using your member, save 25% with annual billing.

Do I have to renew every year?

No. You do not have to renew your member after the INITIAL TERM (12 months). You will be notified as you reach the end of your initial commitment at which time you can either, 1) Do nothing and automatically renew, 2) Change your billing preference, or 3) Cancel your membership.

What happens if I forget to Cancel?

If you forget to cancel after your INITIAL TERM (12 Months), you have 15 days to notify Daren James at which point you will be issued a partial refund. You will be billed a minimum of $20 for the first month after the INITIAL TERM.